The Hon. Prince Col. Attila ALPEREN®

Mr. Attila ALPEREN is Founder & Chairman of the many foundations and companies. The Mete Foundation®, Mete Foundation® Ltd, The Afro & Eurasia Central Bank®, The Alperen® Companies Group, Alperen® Defense Ltd. are some of his foundations and companies.

As Founder and Chairman of The Mete Monetary System®; Mr. Attila ALPEREN know that Humanity deserves better respect and freedom more than present. Mr. Attila ALPEREN is hard working help to let nations regain their independence, with full respect and love to each other via his foundations and companies. That’s why; Mr. Attila ALPEREN providing the “Real Money = Mete®” with real money features for regain their real independence to every Nations via The Mete Foundation®. He supports as donations and interest-free credits.

Mr. Attila ALPEREN, is a world-class technological inventor, Technology, Banking, Business, and High-Tech R&D strategist who is currently bringing the next generation of technologies and related business methods to the global marketplaceTurXator®TurXotor®, TurXactivision®, TurXbine®, DialWeb® are some of his inventions.

As Founder and Chairman of The Mete Foundation®, Mete Foundation® Ltd, The Alperen® Companies Group, Mr. Alperen has developed significant experience in creating and implementing policy and strategy, as well as in evaluating and structuring joint ventures and other business opportunities for the companies in the financial, banking, energy, advertising, marketing, telecommunications, and military and non-military technology areas.

In all these foundations and companies, Mr. Attila ALPEREN is responsible for the overall management of both the internal and external legal, financial, and marketing affairs of the companies and its various subsidiaries. Before forming The Alperen® Companies Group, and The Mete Foundation® Mr. Attila ALPEREN, served in the Air Forces of his country with distinction and has applied his thirteen years of military experience to developing highly technological solutions towards the improvement of our everyday lives.


  • In 1999, the Government of Belize officially recognized the name, full respect for the heritage of The Alperen® Family and his name as "Prince" in perpetuity.
  • In 2001, the Governor of the State of Kentucky awarded Mr. Alperen as "Colonel" to the National Headquarter.
  • In 2001, the Mayor of the City of Annapolis awarded Mr. Alperen as "Honorary Citizenship".


Mr. Attila ALPEREN, is responsible for managing the expansive portfolio of The Mete Foundation®, Mete Foundation® Ltd, The Alperen® Companies Group, Alperen Defense Ltd, and others, directs his knowledgeable and highly skilled management team to identify marketing opportunities relevant to the business community, especially relating to electronic commerce and telecommunications.

Throughout his career, Mr. Attila ALPEREN has authored several publications, particularly in the area of constitutional law, which have received international recognition. Constitution for Turkish States (l997), Universal Values, and Concepts Dictionary for Youth (1996), Alperenism (1997) are some of his books.

Mr. Alperen single father of 1 girl, 3 boys, Grandfather of a boy.

“Message from Founder”

The youth of the beloved world nation,

You are all part of creation. Creation: it is the only creator. You are the one creator of your own reality.

Your imagination is everything, not empty fantasy. Imagination the one creates the universes. To imagine is a very serious task and must be done with full responsibility.

Imagination and facts are the same thing; The reality or fact is just what you live in. Imagination is the one creates the facts or realities.

Your imagination will be your facts. So please take responsibility as you are "the creator of your own facts". Imagine better and best world and world nation all together.

Here I offer you, a power to help you create your own beautiful world.

Please protect your own power and use it responsibly and create your realities with your imagination power.

Don't let someone else stop or control your imagination.

As "someone who knows that you are all part of the creator", enjoy your own power by showing and sharing full love and respect for each other without expectations.

With my love, respect and faith to all of you…

“One of you”