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The Mete Foundation ®

International Mete Monetary System® Joint Venture Fund.

International Mete Monetary System ®

The Mete foundation® Group, with ownership "+ 200 billion Euros" paid-in capital and with 1.8 trillion USD worth US Treasury Assets has been established by Mr. Attila ALPEREN, as independent and neutral International Non-profit a monetary system®. The Mete foundation® Ltd.; is founder, owner, manager, and regulator of the Mete Monetary system®. As The Mete foundation® Group and The Alperen® Group, we all have been agreed; Humanity deserves better respect and freedom more than present. And we have been decided to help to let nations regain their independence, with full respect and love to each other. That’s why; we have decided to provide a “Money” with real money features with new concept for provide real independence to every Nations. After long years public tests and see public reactions, we understood that world need a “Independent useable money” and we decide to provide Mete® to world usage as “Crypto Digital Money”.

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