Mete Foundation®    & International Mete Monetary System®

Joint Venture Fund.

The Mete foundation® Group, with ownership "+ 200 billion Euros" paid-in capital and with Tier-1 capital 1.3 trillion USD worth US Treasury Assets (Verification) has been established at 29.6.2020 by Mr. Attila ALPEREN, as independent and neutral International Non-profit a monetary system®.

The Mete foundation®; is founder, owner, manager, and regulator of the Mete Monetary system®.

As The Mete foundation® Group and The Alperen® Group, we all have been agreed; Humanity deserves better respect and freedom more than present. And we have been decided to help to let nations regain their independence, with full respect and love to each other. That’s why; we have decided to provide a “Money” with real money features with new concept for provide real independence to every Nations.

After long years public tests and see public reactions, we understood that world need a “Independent useable money” and we decide to provide Mete® to world usage as “Crypto Digital Money”.

The Mete Monetary system® is will be representing and managed by The Mete Foundation®. until year 2050

The Mete foundation® Ltd. will to establish a “World Youth Council” as new owner and manager of the Mete Foundation®, because we know that “future always belongs to youth who loves and respects each other”. So, we have appointed The Mete Foundation® Ltd, for establish “World Youth Council” as soon as possible.

The Mete foundation® appointed The Alperen® Group Companies to realize all nations projects. If there is no local company that can carry out the projects, all projects can be done by Alperen® Group Companies. In this case, project and investment ownership will continue for project owners. Because of The Mete Foundation® cannot be owner or partner of any projects or investments.

As The Mete Foundation®, wants to support your country and its economy with our loans and donations as our next member nation.

The Mete Foundation® cannot sell money, but we can replace your national money with Mete® if your government needs it. In this case, exchange rates are fixed forever.

The Mete Foundation® makes all national monies valid for international basis because of Mete System® is international bridge currency.

The Mete Foundation® can provide printed national currency beside Mete®. This printed currency will only be valid on a country basis. However, this money can also be used for international trade by replacing it with the Mete® encrypted digital currency. This way we protect our member Country against the domination or manipulation of other countries.

We know Earth Nations will use Mete® as their own money forever without worried about any things else.

International Mete Monetary System® Joint Venture Fund.

Each country is an equally end-user partner of The International Mete Monetary System® Joint Venture Fund.

Partnership amount is limited donation by Mete Foundation® which is 10 million Mete® (equal to 10 billion EUR). However, each member country will continue to receive credits and/or donations from Mete Foundation® as described on this website.

Any country wishing to become a partner can receive their partnership fund free of charge by signing the Terms of Use Agreement.

The International Mete Monetary System® Joint Venture Fund Terms of Use will be public on our official website. No privilege or covert practice has been and will not be made in any Member Country.

Mete Monetary System® has not and will not give any information about its end-users to any government or authority since it is technically impossible to access the information of the users.

How to apply?

  • Applicant government will send official “Ready, Willing, & Able Letter” to Mete Foundation®
  • Mete Foundation® will do technical preparations for delivery of the Partnership Fund.
  • Partnership Fund and its Account coordinates will be delivered to the Applicant Government after “International Mete Monetary System® Joint Venture Fund Terms of Use Agreement” is signed by both parties.
  • Application must be sent via e-mail using PDF formatted documents to the following official e-mail:

Please use and enjoy it Mete® which is “your own money”.